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TriPrism Digital Imaging Services is the first "full service" event photographic company of its kind. As a leader in digital imaging software and system development for the past 10 years, TriPrism, Inc. has been instrumental in creating digital photo services nationally for a number of high-volume amusement imaging companies. We have combined our development experience and advanced technological background with a multi-talented operations staff to become the most innovative imaging and digital support company today.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that every event, marketing activity, or group gathering will be uniquely and professionally created and accomplished. TriPrism will support all imaging requirements throughout your event with an on-site mobile production unit and technically advanced photographic staff.

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Our Engineering team has he greatest flexibility and broadest choice of systems integration options to photographers in every market segment.


Need a solution for Apple, Windows, or Android? We can help develop custom software solutions from operating systems to functionalities.