RainDrops & Umbrella

Introducing TriPrism's Raindrops & Umbrella


TriPrism, Inc., is the unmatched leader in software development for photography solutions. Raindrops is a new, powerful extension for TriPrism's TEPS-X Share or TEPS-X TriPrism that allows roving photographers, school event photographers, and other bar code photographers to quickly import photos and have the software automatically assign* the image number to your customer's bar code. Raindrops takes your customer's Bar Code or QR Code for, all cameras with removable Cards, processes the image and renames files by Bar Name.

Rename Batch Photos

Quickly Select barcodes and have the software rename your photos!

Automatic QR Detection!

When shooting with QR code, Raindrops can automatically detect QR codes and rename files!

No 'out of order' cards

Focus on the experience and not if your bar codes are in order! Allow the software to rename files for you!

Raindrops adds automation to the process of loading barcodes. This is especially beneficial for the roving event photographer where you may be loading multiple groups into TEPS at once. Now, you can use RainDrops to load and rename the images and Bamboo or TEPS to preview and Print. Interested in learning more?