PhotoTouch Transit Site

Introducing TriPrism's PhotoTouch Transit

Transit Site

TriPrism, Inc. is the unmatched leader in software development for photography solutions. To compliment your customers experience, facilitate email for digital image delivery, and provide enhanced electronic reports we have developed our PhotoTouch Transit Site. This platform enhances your experiences with applications like TEPS-X TriPrism, Bamboo, and TEPS-Video.

Secure Log-In

Allow your customer's to receive their digital images by email securely using a photo code.

Customizable Templates

Change the background, the header, the content, and buttons of your iste to meet your standards.

Enhanced Electronic Reports

Receive upload and download reports; social sharing reports;* and more!

PhotoTouch Transit allows you to replace traditional USB's and CD/DVD's with digital delivery. As more and more people rely on their cell phones and hand-held digital devices, CD's, DVD's, and USB's become legacy devices. Digital delivery is the perfect alternative that allows your customers to download directly from a branded microsite.